Yara FarmWeather

Your reliable, farm-focused weather forecast

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Use your phone's location to set up a reliable forecast for your farm.


See only the most-important weather information to plan your farm activities.


Set up, save, and share accurate forecasts for multiple locations.

How it works

Set up your forecast

Add your location to set up an accurate forecast that shows expected rainfall, wind speed, temperature, and more.

To plan ahead

Optimise your farm activities with past and future weather information to save time and money.

Wherever you are

Join millions of farmers who use FarmWeather to set up forecasts for multiple locations, from other farms to your local marketplace.

What users say

FarmWeather gives you the information you need in just a few clicks. Here is what users say:

"The weather forecast is accurate, with help of which farmers can protect their crops from damage. Thank you for this information."
FarmWeather user, India
"Very useful tool, we can schedule when to apply fertilizers and foliar spray."
Bayani Gamiao, feedback from Google Playstore
"Best for farmers, especially those who haven’t enough tech knowledge and use low specification device. I love this app and strongly recommend you try once."
Mr. Jaswant, feedback from Google Playstore
Ensure your farm activities are backed-up by a weather app you can rely on.

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